Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple's Solar Powered Touch Screen

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To survive in this competitive world you need to explore new realms of technology, and "Apple" knows it very well. Today one of the major requirement is to cut down power required by a device or to use renewable energy sources.

Engineers from Apple have come up with a concept of Solar powered touch screen and they have filled a patent for the same. Though they have not released a solar powered gadget but their engineers see a wide potential in multitouch devices and believe to embed it in iPhone and iPad. Above is a diagrammatic representation of this concept where a solar cell is placed under a touch screen of hand held devices. 

The patent describes to use the parabolic reflectors as light channels to direct light to the solar cells underneath the touch screen. The solar panel will be designed such that it will absorb light from the top and also from the glass covering the back. But embedding a solar cell into a device and keeping it significant to gadget's cost is more challenging than stating a theory. In theory the solar cell will be able to use indoor lights rather than only direct sunlight. 

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