Sunday, January 10, 2010

See With Your Tongue.

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Wicab.Inc has come up with a new technology named as BrainPort Vision Device; which will help visually impaired persons to see the world around them with the help of their tongue. The device consists of a pair of sunglasses with an embedded camera, a hand held cpu/controller and a panel of electrodes array which sits on the tongue. This extraordinary device will translate the information captured by the tiny video camera into a series of electrical signals which can be felt on tongue.

A large number of nerves ending in the tongue process the impulses into a grainy black and white image. This tactile image is created by presenting the white pixels from the camera as strong simulation, black pixels as no simulation, and the gray level as medium level of simulation.

The control unit is used to zoom in, zoom out and adjust the contrast of the image. The present system uses an array of 100 to 600+ electrodes. This has been able to detect high contrast objects, their movement, location and some aspects of perspective and depth. The current resolution is between 400 to 600 points presented at 30 frames per second.

It was reported that a person started crying when he saw his first letter. The device is not yet for sale. It is currently being tested and after some modifications it will be launched.

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