Friday, June 4, 2010

Smart Cars Communicating With Traffic Signal.

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With the growing numbers of cars on the road, traffic is increasing at an enormous rate. Thus longer will be the time you will have to wait in the traffic signal. But consider a situation where your car need not have to wait, as every time you approach a signal it appears green. WOW! (that's what you will feel)

It's not a hypothetical thought, but with the blending between automotive and electronics industry many such smart cars are being produced. German car company AUDI has made a prototype named Travolution which can talk to traffic signals using LAN and UMTS links interrogating them about the color changing time.

The data sent by the signal is converted into graphics by the system. This then tells the driver what speed to adopt so that the next traffic changes to green before the car reaches it. In the same way if the car is waiting in the red signal the system will tell the driver how much time is left for light to turn green.

These Smart Cars Communicating With Traffic Signals will definitely help to save our time and most important, fuel consumption by 0.02 liter for every traffic signal stop. Though 0.02 may not look bigger but this small figure will help to reduce two million tons of CO2. A great life savior technology for our endangered Earth. What do you think about this technology? Do write to us.

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2 comments: on "Smart Cars Communicating With Traffic Signal."

Anonymous said...

"A great life savior technology for our depleting Earth."

Terrible sentence - did you mean saver and depleted? CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas and that is assuming that we are going to experience a global warming which is a theory not a fact when it is more likely that we will experience ice age conditions. CO2 levels have followed increases in temperature not preceding or causing temperature rises. This technology is much more interesting for the time and fuel it would save. I thought traffic lights are now designed so you can't see when they are going to change so informing a driver sitting at light when it will turn green seems counter to that. How about lights sensing when there is traffic. There is nothing more wasteful than being stopped for a timed light when nobody is at the intersection. The idea overall has many possibilities. Good article except for the last few sentences.

Suraj said...

Thanks for commenting.
But the point raised by you "global warming is only a theory" is not true. It's a fact. CO2 is 9-26% contributor of greenhouse effect. CO2 traps heat from the sun and causes rise in temperature. That's why the glaciers in Himalayas and icebergs of Antarctica are melting suffering the effects of global warming.(
Since the mid 1970s, the average surface temperature has warmed about 1°F and and it is continuing at a rate of 0.29ºF/decade. So whether you believe it or not its a fact.

and about the traffic lights: it's much like your mobile phone tower,a signal tracing your mobile and you can get connected to make a communication, similarly the traffic signals will send data to all the cars near or far from it to some predefined range and you will get the status of the signal.

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