Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lemon Battery Trick.

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What!! Lemons can be used to generate power? Yes it can be:o This is a very easy and nice experiment you will like to perform. The only things you will require is two different types of metals (as electrodes) and one multimeter for measurement. Any possible metal can be used for example Galvanized nail and Copper coin or Magnesium wire. Copper serves as positive electrodes and galvanized nail as negative electrodes.

An electrochemical reaction between the two take place and generates a small potential difference. But it should be noted that the energy for the battery does not come from the lemon but due to the oxidation and reduction reaction between the two metals. Apple or Potato can also be used but Lemon is preferred because they are more acidic.

You can now check the voltage generated by connecting the multiplier probes to the two metal electrodes. The voltage will be very low. Connect several lemons in series to power standard LED.

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2 comments: on "The Lemon Battery Trick."

shubhada said...

gr8 !! i really liked it !!!

Anonymous said...

Man! Does it work with Australian coins

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