Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guide To Conquer Electronics [Resistors]

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Resistors are the simplest components of electronics. There's nothing great that you may find difficult to understand. Moreover there are tons of sites on the net that are loaded with the of concept of resistors. But one thing which  I have found similar in all these sites are; they discuss about what the resistors actually are and how we can determine the color codes. But none of them discuss about the different types of resistors and which type of resistor should be used where. 

So I decided to come up with a Guide to Conquer Electronics with an idea to explore the applications of different components of electronics and their types.

While designing a circuit it is very important to maintain proper current and voltage level across different components for proper operation of the circuit. If excess of current is flowing then it can be brought down using resistors. Resistors are available in different ohm ratings and different wattage.

The guide covers all this subjects with a pictorial representation. Pictures will help you for the better identification of the component, its package type, and space required on the PCB.  I hope the Guide to Conquer Electronics will be advantageous  for you in better circuit designing.
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